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The day I discovered Manu Joseph as a journalist, no writer

There is this guy called Manu Joseph. Saw his appearance on a podcast for his new web series called Decoupled. His political ideology is not what most people would like. Nobody should like it actually. Even I don't like anybody's political ideology. Everybody's political ideology should be like their DNA. Atleast a slight mismatch.

But this guy has an opinion about the economic class and class barriers that exist in economic highest and just below the highest-ones and how those are counterintuitive.

He had a pod with two different people. One is a terrific 24 yo Faridabad guy called Vinamre Kasana and other is with a 32+ yo Kunal Kamra. Both are equally appaling and interesting at the same time. He talks about open receipt and giveaway of malice and praises and what not. If you type in their names you'd get the episodes.

He was once a contemporary journalist belonging to Barkha Dutt's time, when she just got the fame, in her career at NDTV era. I'm stating this with excess confidence which he should dissapprove with same force! He writes those liberal, outwardly frantic nonfiction and virtually fictional novels.

I don't know why I wrote this here. Maybe I'll delete this first thing in the morning tomorrow and move to my blog. Till then, let this be here. (Yep I moved this here from a Facebook post I wrote in the night!)

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