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Use of Bluetooth headphones and materialistic pleasures

I'm fond of materialistic achievements to some extent. Our brain secretly loves to have that short bursts of pleasure of unboxing a new product.

Buying something new has become easier provided according to the consuming power one has. I, in my life until now have not invested more than a ₹1000 on headphones, I swear on that.

But my overall investment may go high😬. Trying new things which many a times go our of my forté, I'm excited about doing that. Once I was not creating short videos, now I do that regularly, not to boast off, I try it on platform like Instagram. That development of habit for me created a requirement for having Bluetooth headphones for me. I hadn't used them before.

A good set of Bluetooth headphones make it easier for lesser audio cleaning and editing as a whole. Its use may make you wary of the intertwined wires of wired headphones!!

Just that you may equally get wary of the battery life of your Bluetooth headphones too!

What do you prefer afterall?

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