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Why the brain HAS to register the incoming knowledge always??

The basic understanding of something comes out of the fact that brain registers it onto its notebook. I am putting it in a very easier sense of understanding although there are complex processes involved.

The title was the opening line of one of the lectures by Jiddu Krishnamurthy ji. The knowledge, he said, can be of any form— spiritual knowledge, technological knowledg, knowledge about medicine say surgery and anything under the Sun!

The real question is about how and why does the brain registers the flow of knowledge or information reaching it? And is every little piece of information reaching out brain is important piece of information? And can any piece of information make our brain to get disturbed?

All these questions if addressed cumulatively we can arrive onto three consolidated questions that may answer all this conundrum together.

  1. Is it really necessary to have knowledge that is coming to me?

  2. Does it bring any clarity to me?

  3. Does it increase my energy or bring about a positive change in me or give me a sense of freedom?

If we get to find answers to above questions then we can find an important manifestation that maybe generic in sense but it can be framed as following:

  1. Certain kind of knowledge is important but not all knowledge is important.

  2. Brain needs to be kept away from certain kind of knowledge. This becomes necessary as a part of the safety and security of brain.

    This speech of his came up to me on J. Krishnamurthy foundation’s video sources.

    What do you feel about this necessary protection for brain?

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