Goodbye HashNode, Welcome Writefreely.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've noticed a repetitive pattern of content on the internet across various platforms. Whether it's on Reddit, different social media sites, or news websites and popular blogs, the same or similar content keeps circulating. Additionally, Google searches have taken a peculiar turn. When searching in English, the results often differ from the same websites, and in other languages like Turkish, you might encounter clickbait websites with strong SEO but weak content.

I appreciated the user-friendly interface and the quality of the community on Hashnode. I read some excellent articles. After a few articles, my job changed, and life became busier, leaving me with little time to write more.

In the last few months, I've had some spare time and planned to write more. However, I encountered a hurdle. I realized I didn't need a development-centric blog; I wanted a space to share my thoughts on various topics. Unfortunately, this didn't align with Hashnode's rules, and it would feel out of place among the tech-focused blogs. Consequently, I decided to migrate my blog from Hashnode to

Initially, I experimented with hosting my own instance on one of my servers and even on a Raspberry Pi, which turned out to be surprisingly easy. I opted not to use my EC2 instances due to cost concerns. While the Raspberry Pi experiment went well, I didn't want to rely on my home internet to host a blog. So here I am, writing this post with my account. While I haven't made my first payment yet, I've already updated the CNAME record. After this post, I plan to transfer my old posts from Hashnode and import them into my new blog. I've already exported all my posts to a JSON file, although I'm unsure about the importing process; I'll figure that out after completing this post.

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