in another life.

favorite crime

several notifications pop up on your lock screen. there's a chat, from the guy who's pinning you for these past months.

“wanna out?”

you raise one of your eyebrows, it's almost eleven in the evening. parents and siblings are sleep. is he implying to do sneak out with me? you said.

“it's 11 doors are locked”

strict doesn't a thing on your family but they have rules. if all the doors are locked, then it's a no.

“use window”

never in a million years you are using your window and jump to the ground only for a boy.

and you don't know what's on your mind this time.

you look from the window, he's waiting on his motorcycle not far from your house; still can see him though. it's him, waving to your window. a light grin plastered your face. this idiot.

pack up things and open your window, he's waiting on the ground.


god, I do this.

“rin, you have to pay me for this,” you said while refixing your trousers.

he bites his smile, hand strokes your hair and places it behind the ear. he knews you'll meet him anyway. even with your pouty mouth, messy hair, and his oversized sweater hanging on your shoulder.

“I'll send them on your account” he leads you to his motorcycle, giving you another helmet. safety first kid.

“tax included” you put your helmet on your head, he helps you to click it behind your chin.
hearing your last sentence, he rolls his eyes and start his motorcycle.

“you've been hard on me”

“i dont care, where we gonna go exactly?” you ask him, chin on his left shoulder, arms around his waist.

“any suggest?” he tilts his head lightly, to clearer his voice on your ear.

“anywhere except my house”

so you and him end up having a chill in the park. who the hell would be in the park at this hour? you may think. but the park isn't that quiet, not giving you some goosebumps.

he suggests having sat on the nearest bench, under the light. it's not what the exact plan. he made up at 10 and drive asap to your house.

you asked him, a bit shivering “now what?”

“nothing, i just wanna spend my evening with you”
he sounds sus, your eyes squint but not hiding the slight of red on your cheeks.

rin and you are not officially dating. you both are close but you have a boyfriend. it's not what he wants to, situation made it worse. he does like you, maybe a little too much.

his friends already remind him, this is so wrong. he knews, he fucking knews what you guys did are wrong. the problem and the broke that you both caused once the cheating stuff being caught is inevitable.

but, what can he do? he likes you.

and he glads you like him too, because if isn't you'd never be here with him, wearing his hoodie, hand on hand, and leaning your head on his shoulder.

all the things i did, just so i could call you mine

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