in another life.


saturday morning goes pretty well in your household. neither of you guys had any schedule on this day; neither of you guys are the morning person so both of you not so often had a breakfast. but not for today, actually.

it's seven in the morning, alarm ringing loudly. that was previous alarm that you forgot to turn them off last night. your hand sneak and groping stuffs on your bedside table, searching for an alarm.

“can you turn your fucking alarm off” with his still raspy voice, he asks rudely but that doesn't stop him from pulling you closer to his chest.

“I AM. stop your mouth”

“make me” he said with one smirk on his lips, eyes still closed. you start to roll your eyes.

your shared bedroom looks terrible. clothes from yesterday was on the floor, his working bag on the couch near the mirror, and pretty huge amount of tissue scatter outside the bin.

alarm is already off, exhausted body from last night coming on you this morning.

“i think we should get up” you said on his chest, your words feels antilogy when you snuggle your head deeper to his bare chest.

“we slept at 2”

“yeah, that wasn't gonna happened if you control your hormones”

he laughs a bit, pulling you from his chest, one chaste kiss landed on your cheek. after doing that, he snuggle his head on the crook of your neck. spreads lot of kisses there.

you laugh on his act, he always did this every single morning. too lazy to get up from bed. wanna cuddle more he said.

“oh my god, stop it”

both of your hands cup his face, trailling your fingers on his chin. his facial hair start growing.

“kayaknya kamu harus cukuran deh” you tell him.

he kisses your fingers, “bantuin aku shaving ya?”

you smile for his antics, your fingers move to his black bedhair, “bangun dulu tapi”

he groans after hearing your answer, peck your cheek once again and stretching his upper body.

your eyes doesn't leave from his arms, he builds his body well.

“ayo? katanya mau bangun”

you get up and hug him, again. he just chuckles and wrap his hand around your waist. he loves the look, his cloth on you. very domestic.

he is walking to the bathroom while you picking the clothes and make sure the room are tidy and clean.

“yang, are you gonna join me or not? help me with this thing” he is calling you from bathroom.

“wait, lagi beresin tisu. kerjaan kamu nih”

after finishing your chores, you walk and slide the bathroom door. he is standing in front of the mirror, razor in his hand. he smiles after seeing you, with his clingy act he wrap his hands on your shoulder and peck your forehead.

“help me, tapi jangan sampe luka”

you roll your eyes, “says the one yang minta salep abis shaving minggu lalu”

uhm.. hello.. this is for toji fushiguro (cough)