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Lawn Mower Manifesto

Why do we waste fossil fuels for shorter grass?

Why do we build large green grass in our yard and water it and then cut it?

Why do not people appreciate the wild, chaos, complexity, and diversity that is nature?

Why do people like short, plain, dull grass?

Why does cutting grass makes me think thoughts less?

Why do shitjobs make you feel stupid by the end of the summer?

Why is movement of my thoughts so slow when I work shitjobs?

Why do I start to perceive how grass is maintained elsewhere?

Why cannot the city officials appreciate the fact that roadside grass length should be variable and not constant, maintained length?

Why can we not cut only the grass that seems to matter to people?

Why would long grass create problems?

Why is it that if people do not care about the length of the grass, that it should then matter how often we cut it and how short we keep it?

Why do smokers throw their cigarette packs out of their car, which ends up in atoms after I cut it?

Why am I cutting grass when I could be smoking grass?