And for an instant time stood still while my brain tried to process all the feelings my heart was feeling.
All the what ifs, all the countless of possibilities of all the possible outcomes. In all only the worst possible outcomes were the results. Because if you expect the worst you are not let down right? You don’t end up broken once again, because it was never meant to work out.

“Because if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he genuinely doesn’t give a shit, no exceptions “

I’v seen this movie countless of time, here lately it’s been my life. The difference is now loosing people is something I’m used to. I don’t expect people to stay in my life, because if they wanted to their actions would prove it. If you actions don’t match your words “ it is what it is”
Maybe they are just a lesson in life. I hear people talk about people coming in to our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and maybe you were just a reason a lesson to be learned.

You brought things into my life in such a short time that I am thankful for. You helped me see things in me and things in other people and for that I am grateful. I learned the value I have and that I deserve so much more that you had to offer. I believe I care too much and love too hard and I can’t change that part of me. I realize that I lost someone who doesn’t care for me and doesn’t love me, but you just lost someone who genuinely cared for you and would’ve done the best to make you happy, so in the end I didn’t loose.