And from not wanting to want you....... you became everything I ever wanted

And somehow again Im left empty again. Maybe I was not meant to have love or be loved, it sure feels like it. Everytime I give my love I end up loving more than I am loved and end up more broken.

As Morgan Wallen one said “Looks like I'm learnin' the hard way again
It's all my fault, Yeah, I dropped the ball”

A friend once said we are overthinkers and we expect the worse so when it happens we are not as surprised because we already played it out in out heads.

But even after all that happened all I wanted was you. I wanted you for the person you were, the battles you got over and for all the future I saw in you.
For a future where we were in each others lifes. I wanted the good the bad and the ugly. I wanted everything because I wanted you to be my person. Everything was worth it if it was with you.

Then reality hit and just like that life has shown me that we are not meant for each other