Blood-soaked clarity

Rust Stockholm Syndrome

I am at a point where I feel comfortable reading and writing rust code. It is a peculiar type of comfort though, verging on Stockholm syndrome. The emotional instability it causes me is baffling. One minute, I am prancing about because of a solution I was able to write using the language's constructs (ControlFlow anyone?). The next, progress seems so hopeless that I am actively considering picking up another language so I can get actual work done instead of horsing around with the borrow checker. Lifetimes take my mind hostage. The language throws wrenches into my API design. But I always come back.

I would jump ship if I could find an alternative. But Rust has managed to concoct the secret je ne sais quoi sauce of programming languages. The price to pay for this sauce is hours of my time and occasional sadness.

The only language that has come close in my eyes is Nim.
But why do you need Unicode operators in the language ??!
The quote: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” comes to mind here. Why are there 7 types of “routines” in the language? That's almost as many string types in Rust ... ha ha .ha...cry.
Do notation ?? Why tho??
But i digress.

I was talking about Rust. The language has kidnapped me, yet I sense a bond between us.

Send help.