A clean, simple publishing platform made for writers. Write together, and build a community.

Version 0.8

Our tenth release features a few major milestones we've been aiming for for a while: a smoother upgrade process, and a user invitation system.


User Invites (T556)

Now it's even easier to run a private / invite-only community, with user invites. Admins have a new user_invites setting that can enable invite link generation for all users, admins only, or no users at all (the default). If enabled, users can create invite links to let others sign up for your WriteFreely instance, even if public registration is closed. Invite links can each be set to expire, or optionally have a maximum number of uses.

User-Facing Changes / Fixes

Admin-Facing Changes

Upgrading from v0.7.x

Download the latest release for your operating system. Stop running your writefreely service, replace all files in your installation with the ones in the archive, and then start your writefreely service again.

Now make sure your database is backed up, and update it with writefreely --migrate.

No additional steps are needed to upgrade from v0.7.x. Follow the instructions in each previous #release if you're upgrading from an earlier version.


If you are running a custom build, note that there were style changes in this release. Run make ui to generate the latest stylesheets.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!