Remembering how to write about something other than computer

iamamiwhoami – kin (2012)

In a time before stale bands launched albums using data structures that destroy the planet, and before Thom Yorke was hoodwinked into selling an album via BitTorrent(‽), bands would launch albums as alternate reality games. Nine Inch Nails did this for Year Zero (2007); meanwhile, in Sweden, folk-pop singer-songwriter Jonna Lee launched a audiovisual art-pop project, iamamiwhoami, through a series of found-footage-style video clips with inscrutable names.

Good Worker, the third track on Kin, popped into my head over dinner; the baby enjoyed me dancing, so I put the real thing on. Mid-way through, L declared “I quite like this song”, started dancing along with me, and then periodically told me to FREEZE!

On the face of it, art-pop is really stretching the definition of “dad rock”, but I first learned about iamamiwhoami from jwz's blog so I'm pretty sure it counts.