Remembering how to write about something other than computer

Phoebe Bridgers — Punisher (2020)

Chinese Satellite came up on a Spotify-generated Moody Mix playlist, sandwiched between Jonathan Coulton (Nobody Loves You Like Me) and Thom York (Dawn Chorus) . L said she liked it so I put the whole album on. When we reached Chinese Satellite again, she declared:

It sounds like Elsa. That's why I like this one, Daddy, it's the best.

(By “Elsa” she means Let It Go, currently on such heavy rotation in our home that “’lexa, elsa” are some of our toddler's first words…)

I can understand why this album is so popular—the songwriting and performances are great—but honestly it's mostly a bit too laid-back for my tastes. This track is one of the stand-outs: I like the energy and drive with each peak is a little more powerful than the last.

Writing this latest #dadrockmydaughterlikes instalment, I couldn't help but think of Adam Buxton's interview with Phoebe Bridgers (from about 48:00), where he tells her (from 01:05:15):

My daughter […] was excited when I told her I was talking to you […] but she said, “Why is she talking to you, Dad? You're 51!”