Struggling to stay Catholic? You're not alone. Faith seeks wonder to flourish. I'll share it when it shows up.

The works of the Lord have existed from the beginning by his creation, and when he made them, he determined their divisions. He arranged his works in an eternal order, and their dominion for all generations; they neither hunger nor grow weary, and they do not cease from their labors. – Sirach 16:26-27 (RSV-CE)

It is Spirit as cause that moves me, not matter as effect. This world of form and change is full of goodness and beauty, despite its human detractors. Still, that beauty is reflection only, its source overlooked by a faithful trained to see in Jesus only guru or teacher or judge before Wisdom or Logos or Lord.

I seek the faith that rests on cosmic things, on unspoken Word woven into the very fabric of matter and cycles of the natural world. When Wisdom, the image of the unseen, is spoken as Word we become incarnate. Wonder is the only prayerful response, the needful precursor to faith.

The song of a sunrise. The cadence of wandering planets. The weeping of tides. The sleep of trees. The Logos, God the Son, moves through all things. Faith, the study of divine motion, studies that book of nature for signs of the same spirit forces at work in the human soul.

God is in the Mind, the Mind in the Soul, the Soul in the Matter, all things by Eternity. – Hermetica 10:36

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