my recovery from people pleasing, co depency, and inabilitiy to set boundaries in a friendship that REALLY needed some boundaries

I will never be in your league.

I will never be able to stand up to you in arguments or fights. I will never be able to match you in pure meanness or cold-heartedness or hardness. I will never be on your level for word games and tricks and emotional manipulation.

And I've spent so long patting myself on the back for my ability to... well... take your verbal jabs and punches. Because I was just so understanding about how you didn't know any better way to express yourself. Who you are meant you couldn't do better, and I was just being understanding and a good, compassionate friend by letting you treat me that way. Well... here I sit with all these bruises and scars from all those verbal punches I just. Kept. On. Taking.

And whether that makes me too weak and too stupid and too slow or whether I'm too kind and soft and warm to hang with you, I'm good with it either way. Because I'm not going to be your punching bag any more. I've given up any lingering hope of a resolution.

I may never stop caring about you. But that doesn't mean I have to let you keep hurting me.

Goodbye to you.

I am
.Worthy, Deserving, Enough
I have
I deserve
.Respect, Kindness
I am
.Worth as much as a cat
I am