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Saturday 16/Sep/2023

Prayers, etc.:
• 07:00 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
• 09:40 – Today's Rosary, the Glorious Mysteries, is offered as Day 33 of the 54-Day Novena for Our Nation, and that is followed by the Daily Mass Readings for the Memorial of Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs
• 19:15 – Catholic Night Prayer, followed by Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity. – And that followed by the Saturday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum

Health Metrics:
• bw= 218.60 lbs
• bp= 129/66 (60)

• 08:30 – pancakes, bacon, sausage
• 11:30 – applesauce
• 14:15 – big bowl of creamed chicken and noodles
• 16:20 – 1 Reese's candy bar

Chores, etc.:
• 07:30 – health metrics recorded
• 07:45 – watching old eps. of comic book heroes on H&I Network
• 10:00 – tuned into a very early pregame broadcast for today”s Indiana Hoosiers vs Louisville Cardinals college football game and their game to follow.
• 14:00 – now watching Notre Dame vs Central Michigan Football Game
• 16:45 – As Notre Dame seems to have their game well in hand in the 4th quarter, I'm switching away from College Football to the MLB. And I'm turning to 105.3 the Fan for the Texas Rangers PreGame Show, and tonight's Rangers vs Guardians game coming on in a few minutes..

• 10:40 – moved in all pending CC games

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