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Lydia's Weekly Lifestyle blog is for today's African girl, so no subject is taboo. My purpose is to share things which may interest today's African girl.

Unveiling the vibrant Ghanaian fashion trends…2

Ghanaian fashion trends are a vibrant reflection of the country’s rich cultural heritage and artistic expression. From the revival of traditional fabrics like Kente and Adire tie-dye to the incorporation of Afrocentric accessories and the embrace of sustainable fashion practices,

Ghanaian fashion is making waves on the global stage. As we celebrate these captivating trends, let us appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship that Ghana brings to the fashion world.

Afrocentric Accessories: Ghanaian fashion trends are not limited to clothing alone. Afrocentric accessories have become a statement in their own right. From bold and chunky wooden necklaces to beaded bracelets and statement earrings, these accessories celebrate African craftsmanship and add a touch of cultural authenticity to any ensemble. They are the perfect way to elevate a simple outfit and make a bold fashion statement.

Sustainable Fashion: Ghana is also making strides in the realm of sustainable fashion. Designers are increasingly using organic and locally sourced materials, promoting ethical production practices, and embracing slow fashion principles.

This commitment to sustainability reflects Ghana’s dedication to preserving the environment and supporting local artisans.

Modern Traditional Wear: Ghanaian fashion has beautifully merged traditional elements with modern silhouettes. Designers are reimagining traditional Ghanaian garments such as the batakari (a loose-fitting tunic) and the agbada (a flowing robe) by incorporating contemporary cuts and styles. This fusion of tradition and modernity creates a unique and captivating fashion aesthetic that celebrates Ghana’s cultural heritage.

The Treehouse Restaurant in Accra at Nyaneba Estates is very spacious and one can choose to sit in or outside. We decided for inside which was nicely quiet and still gave a good view through the glass wall of what was happening outside, but once inside it was problematic to get the waiter's attention. As a starter I had a nice pumpkin soup, a novelty and eye opener for me, my companion had stuffed eggs and creamy shrimp mayo, which he liked except that the eggs were agric eggs rather than domestic, and not too fresh.
For the main course I had duck filet which turned out to be a magret, but it needed a more skilled cook to get that right and the inside was raw and rather tasteless. This is the only type of meat where the wine term “rosé” can be used for meat, rather than medium. We also had a grilled chicken fillet, and in this case, again a wine term could be used, medium dry...... The pilaf rice was nice.

Are you over 18? Then read on. Ever heard of a Springbokkie cocktail? The word means a little springbok, South Africa's national animal.

It is a cocktail shooter (meaning you got to drink it in one gulp) composed of crème de menthe (green) and Amarula (goldish), the colors of the South Africa national rugby team, which is also known as “TheSpringboks”.
Some insist that a special ritual should be performed before drinking this shot. This involves placing both hands behind one's ears with the index fingers pointing up. You then stamp your feet on the ground and snort through your nostrils like a real springbok “Are there any leopards? (Everyone shakes their heads) Are there any lions? (Everyone shakes their heads). Then get to the waterhole and drink!” You then pick the shot glass up using your front teeth and scull the drink.

French Cuisine (French cooking) is often claimed to be the world's best kitchen, and the word menu is French as well (till the mid-18th century it only meant a list of small items). But things are changing as the world is opening up, for example, some dishes from the traditional Chinese or Italian cuisine can match the most elaborate French cooking, and often use less cream.

French cheese was recently dethroned and did not even reach the top 10 at the World Cheese Awards, run by the Guild of Fine Food in Trondheim, Norway, winner was a Norwegian pasteurized cow milk blue cheese called Nidelven Blå followed by a Belgian and a Swiss cheese. And some American, Australian, Italian and Spanish wines are taking the place of the famous French wines, and Champagne is easily outwitted by Italian Prosecco, German Sekt and Spanish Cava. And do watch out for Chinese wines which can be surprising.

In Vitro Fertilization (IFV) involves giving the woman hormone injections over a period, about 2 weeks, and thereafter the body is supposed to release ova (eggs) which are then surgically collected and fertilized with sperm outside your body. More than 8 million children have been conceived this way so far (about 1 in a 1000), but sometimes the woman experiences very unpleasant side effects due to hormone overdose, such as painful swelling of the ovaries. Now there is a new method, called Capacitation in-vitro maturation )CAPA_IVM). IVM collects immature groups of cells (called cumulus-oocyte complexes, if you want it in Latin) which contain the immature ova and their supportive cells, and allows these ovas to mature outside the body, at a suppressed (more natural) speed. So far there are only 6 hospitals worldwide offering CAPA-IVM, and only about 1300 children were born this way, but without the dangerous hormone injections. It is also claimed to be cheaper than traditional IFV


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