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This week's contributors: Lydia, Pépé Pepinière, this week's subjects: Exploring the Beauty of Ghana’s Tie and Dye fashion, Smoke 'n Barrel, The Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, Rockz Waakye/Django Bar**/AftaWerk.

Exploring the Beauty of Ghana’s Tie and Dye fashion.

Ghana’s tie-and-dye fashion is a captivating art form that has been passed down through generations. This traditional dyeing technique involves creating intricate patterns on fabric using a resist-dyeing method. The vibrant colors and unique designs of Ghana’s tie-and-dye fashion have gained recognition worldwide. In this blog post, we will delve into the beauty and cultural

significance of Ghana’s tie-and-dye fashion. Adinkra Symbolism: Ghana’s tie and dye fashion often incorporates Adinkra symbols, which hold deep cultural and spiritual meanings. Adinkra symbols are visual representations of proverbs, historical events, or philosophical concepts. These symbols are carefully incorporated into the tie and dye patterns, adding a layer of symbolism and storytelling to the fabric. Each symbol carries its own significance, making the fabric not just a fashion statement but also a representation

of Ghanaian culture and heritage. Vibrant Colors: One of the defining characteristics of Ghana’s tie-and-dye fashion is its vibrant color palette. From rich earth tones to bold primary colors, the use of color in tie and dye fabrics is a celebration of Ghana’s vibrant culture. The colors are often derived from natural dyes made from plant materials, such as indigo, which adds to the fabric’s organic appeal. The combination of vibrant colors and intricate patterns creates a visually striking and eye-catching aesthetic. Check out the next blog post for continuation…How to have a happy hubby.

Upon request I continue with the relationship thing. Ok, you found your guy and have decided to give it a go. So what to do and what not do to keep the relationship happy? In a way he is just like you. He wants to be recognized, seen, and respected. Like you want to be told that your dress choice is nice, or that you are doing well with the kids, or whatever compliment you are fishing for, he too wants little compliments and recognitions from time to time. And if there is no reason for any? Make some up. Don’t overdo it or he might become suspicious, and don’t only give compliments when you want something. In any case, in a normal relationship you should be able to discuss your wants and not have to trick him. Chances are that you mostly meet after a hard day's work only, so both of you are tired. And easily irritated. So don’t fall into that trap, don’t have a go at him when he finally gets home. What must be said and discussed must indeed be said and discussed, but there are times for everything, and there's ways of presenting things. He's sensitive like you. There will be times you are less stressed, and enjoy them to the maximum, plan something. And if there are no funds for outings you can still do things together, even if it means cooking something together or washing the kids' hair. Take the initiative if he doesn’t. Study his Mum even if she is toxic she still knows how to please her little boy. But is also important that you realize that biologically you are very different. ( to be continued).

Smoke 'n Barrel Bar and Grill, Dade Street, Labone, Accra currently has a small live band on Friday and Saturday evenings. Their fish and chips are not bad at all, and if you want your chips more crispy you can send them back for an extra fry. The fried calamari is a nice snack, but their grilled chicken was too dry for my liking. The jollof was nice though. The service is quite attentive and their draft beer is the right temperature.

The Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, opposite Afrikiko, Accra (but by car you have to drive around and come in from the back) had good live music last Saturday night. One can sit in a “public” area or in private boots. Their original Chef's Special (grilled marinated chicken pieces on the bone, tossed in a spicy chef's special sauce) was worth coming back for.In the same block is

Rockz Waakye/Django Bar/AftaWerk, where our Reggy Rockstone sells his now famous and almost controversial waakye. The place looks a bit like an ice cream parlour. Try it, and the waakye is OK


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