A MAG is a Modern African Girl, so no subject is taboo. My purpose is to share things which may interest a MAG.

The MAG weekly Blog by Lydia, every Friday 1700 hrs. Nr 64 8th September 2023

A MAG is a Modern African Girl, so no subject is taboo. My purpose is to share things which may interest a MAG.

This week's contributors: Lydia, Doré Fasolati, this week's subjects: .—-Gender equality por favore, What glass for what drink, Chicken, go run, Luxury bags can be dangerous.

Gender equality por favore. With the World Women's Football Cup just ended, we can say that gender equality has moved up a notch, but in this case, it ended with a deadly kiss by Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and one of UEFA's vice presidents, on the mouth of Jennifer Hermoso, captain of the winning Spanish team. Who then promptly filed a complaint for sexual harassment. Followed by 81 professional female footballers who vowed never to play again unless Luis was sacked, but he decided to resign.

Then the Spanish press declared that footage showed that Jennifer had willingly accepted the kiss and that rather she should be sued for unlawful suing. And all that in Spain, generally known as a forerunner in gender equality. Olé, bèso bis bis. And when will we rather use the word footballer than female footballer? True gender equality is a long way away.

What glass for what drink.

We all know that beer is drunk from a different glass than wine or cognac, but Riedel glassware from Austria, 265 years old with 10th generation Riedel management takes this concept a bit further by producing crystal wine glasses and decanters fit for a particular type of wine. So, a Bordeaux is drunk from a different glass than a Cote du Rhone or a Sauvignon Blanc. So, if you want to impress someone with elegant snobbishness, here you go. .....

Chicken, go run. I was starving for chicken but wanted something else than chicken with rice, or rice with chicken, or the Chinese or KFC, so we went to the Shogun an Asian Fusion Restaurant at Cantonment, Fourth Circular Road. Beautiful place, and you can sit at the bar and have a drink whilst they prepare your order and eat what you ordered at the bar as well. We ordered...... and , and funny enough the chicken was dry, and the ,,, was soft and juicy. Not easy to get a good piece of chicken in Accra when the imported dry chicken sells less than a third of the local juicy ones. And the best one is, of course, your neighbor's chicken which mistakenly strayed in through your open kitchen door, following a trail of nice smelling smoked fish skin pieces which fell out of your leaking shopping bag (did you realize there was a hole in it?), and who by mistake you locked up in your store room. Anyone for an African proverb here? Person wey steal chicken no dey kill am for daylight is not applicable here.

Luxury bags can be dangerous, as Nancy Gonzales, a prominent Columbian celebrity designer, just found out. She used to design handbags using exquisite exotic leather for the likes of Britney Spear and Victoria Beckman. The hitch? Some of these were skins of protected animals of which importation into the United States is forbidden. Nancy bypassed these laws by having the bags hand-carried by “mules” (someone travels to carry drugs or illegal money or other contraband, for a fee) into the States. She has now been extradited by Columbia to the United States and faces 25 years in prison. The likelihood of her indeed spending 25 years behind bars is low, she is already 78 years old.
I couldn’t find anything about prosecuting the buyers as well.....

But I suggest you are a little careful when traveling with bags made out of for example crocodile or snake skin, bought from a street vendor or at some fair. People upcountry or further away are often not aware of what animal is protected, or for money's sake don’t care anyway, and before you are aware the European or American customs have confiscated your bag, that is if you don't get a fine of up to EUR 20,500 or a jail sentence of up to four years.


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