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Accra Fashion Week 2023: A Celebration of African Style and Culture

Accra Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the African fashion industry, as it showcases the best of the continent's creativity, diversity, and innovation. This year, the event marks its 10th edition, with the theme “Vive l'Afrique”, meaning “Long live Africa”. The event will take place from December 13th to 17th, 2023, at various venues across the city of Accra, Ghana.
Accra Fashion Week aims to promote and support African designers, both established and emerging, by providing them with a platform to showcase their collections to a global audience. The event also aims to foster collaboration and networking among fashion stakeholders, such as buyers, media, influencers, and consumers. The event will feature various activities, such as runway shows, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, parties, and more.
Some of the highlights of the event include:
• The Hollantex Swimwear Deluxe Show, which will feature the latest trends in swimwear and beachwear, made with high-quality fabrics and prints from Hollantex, one of the leading textile manufacturers in Africa.
• The African Fashion Summit, which will bring together experts and leaders from the fashion industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the African fashion sector, and to share best practices and insights on how to grow and sustain the industry.
• The Face of AFWk 2023, which is a beauty pageant and modelling competition that will crown the official ambassador of Accra Fashion Week 2023, who will represent the event and the African fashion scene in various platforms and campaigns.
• The Main Shows, which will feature over 50 designers from across Africa and beyond, who will present their collections on the runway, at the iconic Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, a historical and cultural landmark in Accra.
• The Pressurized Canvases, which is an art exhibition that will showcase the works of talented and emerging artists, who will use spray cans and other tools to create stunning and colorful artworks on canvas, inspired by the theme of Accra Fashion Week 2023.
• The AFWk After Party, which will be the ultimate celebration of the event, where the guests will enjoy music, drinks, and entertainment, at the trendy and vibrant Cloud9ine club, in Osu.
Accra Fashion Week 2023 promises to be a memorable and exciting experience for anyone who loves fashion, art, and culture. It will be a chance to witness the beauty and diversity of African fashion and to celebrate the achievements and potential of the African fashion industry. To get more information and updates about the event, visit the official website here, or follow the social media pages here and here.
Health and Mayo.

In this case Mayo does not stand for mayonnaise, which is not really considered very good for your health, especially not the industrial one which often is made with inferior unhealthy oil, and egg yolk from chicken fed on antibiotics, but for the Mayo Clinic, a USA not for profit health organization. They employ about 7000 physicians and research scientists, and their research budget easily exceeds 1 billion dollars per year. In 2022 more than 1.3 million patients from the USA and 138 additional countries attended Mayo Clinic facilities and this of course gives Mayo Clinic a huge database which it can explore for research You can find them on search engines (like Google), and if you have any question on health, be it what vitamins are necessary for a good eyesight or how frequent is breast cancer, normally you get a good selection of reading material and get a general idea of what it is all about. In simple language. It was founded in 1864 by William Worrall Mayo, an English immigrant 114.
Le Petit Oiseau restaurant at Ring Road, Accra serves Giacobazzi 8 Aromatico Moscato. This is a low-alcohol sparkling wine (6.5%, beer would typically be 4-5 %, wine, Champaign, and Prosecco are around 12%) which comes complete with the pop cork to keep the bubbles in.

But these corks lose their elasticity after some time, and then some of the bubbles manage to escape. The result is a sparkling wine with not too much spark left, typically losing its freshness, if not turned into a vinaigrette. This one was halfway. You can see it from the cork which does not have much puff left to expand after popping out of the bottle.
Caveman watches

me at length, enquiring what really happened when I went to his shop. I could sense some heads were going to roll, or at least punched. Good for them, from what I heard the front staff was definitely not doing what they had been instructed to do, and the back-office staff had no business to talk to me, and not like that, in the front.

This is often an issue, the boss doesn’t sleep, trying to build a business, meanwhile, those down there mess things up and nobody tells him. And if they get laid off because the business fails they will claim compensation. There's a song by Randy Newman, and some of the lyrics go “listen all you guys out there, all your money I don’t care, Woooow, it's lonely at the top. Then, on Friday, just after the previous blog was published, my watch arrived and made a proper tik tik tok tok. As we go to press today it is still ticking away. This entire issue is an issue for my heart, CEO Dzamefe is trying to build a Ghanaian brand we can all be proud of, he employs people, and he pays taxes. He should succeed and not be sabotaged by those who think that having a job means you have to get paid, just for showing up. Ayeeko, Mr CEO Anthony Dzamefe.


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