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First Post, and A Bit of an Intro...

Full disclosure, still getting my feet wet on the platform. I'll probably heavily edit this with some formatting and etc., just need to get something out there initially that sort of reflects me a bit.

I work in #FinTech, and a fun (ish) fact about me is that I spent almost exactly ten years at my previous company. Ten years, and sixteen days. It wasn't all that fun of a fact at the time, of course.

Guess what, folks – loyalty is not rewarded in the overwhelming majority of companies. Stay long enough to be acceptable, and work to move on. Whether internally or externally is your call, but don't think for a moment that you can “pay your dues” at a low level and get where you want to go long term.

I quickly landed in another #FinTech role that's actually better aligned to my skillset/value proposition; and for a company that actually seems to mostly walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. Real advancement opportunities with real chances to markedly improve compensation – which is rare, and highly valuable to me. So is a respectful team of people I trust inherently, which I also have surrounding me.

I do not use the fowl site, though I did up until things started getting quantifiably worse over there and I saw the writing on the wall. I do still use a certain link aggregation and discussion site, but less than I used to. The #Fediverse alternatives are growing by leaps and bounds. Quite honestly, there was never anything I wanted on ZuckChan – I needed a bare bones account to admin some things, but that went away quickly when no longer necessary.

I will add more to this post as time goes on, I'm sure. For now, here's where you can find me these days and a small subset of things that interest me. Just because it didn't make the list due to formatting concerns doesn't mean I'm not potentially interested, though.

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