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EDM EDIOT 3 Liner Notes

God forbid me of all people to ignorantly cite 2020 as the beginning of the modern rave revival but I think it was Danny L Harle's album Harlecore that finally brought some mainstream ears to notice what's been happening since at least 2012 in circles online. Even this is a blatantly false sentence, producers like DJ Jedi never stopped producing new tunes in the intervening years. But mainstream music did not understand that early 90's rave ruled, a new generation learned that all on their own, and they were paying homage to the oldschool sound while bringing new concepts and ideas to the mix.
This is what drove the admittedly arbitrary decision to cut how far back this mix digs to 2020. It just makes sense to me. Big round number, pandemic, Harlecore came out. (Also this is what led to Where Are You Now being the final track on the mix.)
More than anything I wanted not just for new and old to sit together in the same mix, but to make it clear that the oldskool sound was coming from fresh new tracks. New voices like Masayoshi Iimori, Crayvxn, and SHERELLE are paying homage to the greats like Technohead, Acen, and Remo-con. In turn the old guard proves they can learn new tricks. I get it is a tic of mine to include IIDX into every mix of mine but I had to include Matt Silver in here as it is one of the freshest takes on hardstyle I've heard in years from someone who's been in the business for 30 years.
I did my best to give a sample of everything under the sun, from jungle to tech dance to gabber to hardstyle to drum & bass. I hope it all blends together well.


00:00: https://youtu.be/Du1-6aAD8Fw
00:08: TORIENA – Supergabber
00:09: https://youtu.be/Eti6x19N9as
00:15: https://youtu.be/pbz4nNPFjG4
00:17: https://youtu.be/Vcp8iA2nxaM
00:26: https://youtu.be/Eti6x19N9as
00:33: https://youtu.be/nToOdpXYATs
00:38: https://youtu.be/pbz4nNPFjG4
00:43: https://youtu.be/nToOdpXYATs
00:51: https://youtu.be/UlMIP34TiGs
01:22: Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy (DJ TECHNORCH Remix)
02:32: Hommarju – Digital Bomb
03:58: Sample Junkie – Get Fucked (JAKAZiD Remix)
04:19: Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy (DJ TECHNORCH Remix)
05:19: 190BPM –>–>–>
05:41: –>–>–> 165BPM
05:41: snarewaves – Capsule Cowboy
07:02: Crayvxn – Only U
08:00: 2 Mello – LUV 2 LUV
08:35: Particle – Fall 2 Fast
10:33: Masayoshi Iimori, viwiv – Keygen Runaway
12:30: Graz – Numb 303
12:53: Coco Bryce – I Will Never Turn Away (FFF Remix)
14:02: Acen – Rings Around The Moon
15:11: Massive New Krew – BSCS
16:43: The Criminal Minds – De-Baptised by Dub (Sidestalker Mix (Spatts Re-Edit)
17:17: Carpainter – Rebellion On The Floor
19:02: Remo-con – Matt Silver -Extended Mix-
21:34: Riku – Acid Power
21:57: 3R2 – Warp 2
25:15: DJ X-Cess – Get Yourself Together
26:01: Graz – Numb 303
26:24: 2 Mello – LUV 2 LUV
26:48: Danny L Harle & DJ Danny – Where Are You Now
29:43: https://youtu.be/-Vr7kDlLUBk

Further Listening

For anyone interested in more beyond this mix, there are two massive revival compilations that came out this year that you should go to for further listening. The first is Moondance Together 2022, which I pulled a track from. This is a massive compilation, mostly new with a couple key reissues with a big emphasis on the oldskool breakbeat sound. What's most impressive is Dope Ammo really flexes his production here, having touched the vast majority of the tracks on the album.
Next check out Hardcore Energy – Volume One. This label got first noticed for handling the digital issues for Acen's new material under Kniteforce and this is their big debut compilation. This also deals with breakbeat with some handbag thrown in. Something I'm Afraid Of, Brian, and Give Into The Rhythm are standout tracks.

Special Thanks

Thank you jab50yen for inviting me to Funny Rave. I got my one mix out this year! I need to work on making that two mixes an year.
Thank you Eden_GT for the visuals. Hearing that someone was just gonna do viz for the first 6 minutes of my set made me raise my brows but this is the best 6 7 minutes anyone could ask for. It's kinetic, energetic and brilliantly transitions between each setpiece.
Set visuals use “Gradient Flower” by VPaltoDance: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/NdyBzG
Thank you to the Ecchiparty and Mecha Yuri crews for being my first homes.
Thank you Jaime Page for providing a platform for the first EDM Ediot. You can delete it now, it's terrible.
Thank you to Eric David Morris for giving birth to EDM.
This now marks ten years of me mixing music. Thank you for listening.