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About me

This link is about me. And this blog is my digital, Midori notebook.

I am a photographer, but I am incredibly curious about a wide range of topics. I love to learn and broaden my horizons just because I can. I write, take notes, highlight or save anything and everything that tickles my mind. My interests can range from photography, dance, ballet, books, films, computers to digital life and a lot of other things.

My goal is not to become the best in a specific niche, but rather to feed my brain and let my soul breathe. I also want to share my findings with others, hoping it will help them through their day or simply make them enjoy it for the sake of it.

We are already pushed to the maximum to deliver, to advance, to become the best. It is an enormous source of stress, and sometimes we are not even aware of it.

We often forget to enjoy things just for the fun of it, and that is something I strive to change.

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