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Leather bag and the wonders of Internet

I spent way too much time on the internet searching for the perfect leather bag to transport my everyday carry (EDC) fountain pen pouch, Midori notebook, Filofax project book, reMarkable 2 digital notepad, pouch with various cables and chargers, 20,000mAh power bank, 13-inch laptop, tablet, phone, and audiophile listening gear pocket consisting of a mini DAC, some ridiculously expensive earbuds, various short audio cables and adapters, and other items I want to keep with me..

I want the bag to be stylish, spacious on the inside but small on the outside, gain character with use, not too expensive, and sturdy enough to survive a motorcycle trip on the backseat of my ZZR-1400 at 260 km/h on the German Autobahn. I don't know why the latter is so important to me since I live in Belgium, but there you have it.

I discovered that there is a lot of overpriced… bags out there, even from high-end brands. Apparently, fashion brands don't believe in the combination of style and spaciousness.

This led me to the Urban Bozz website in Breda, Netherlands, where I found myself eyeing a Peaky Blinders suit and a bag, for some reason. That's the problem with the internet; it's a rabbit hole that takes you to unexpected places. But that's also why I love it; it allows me to travel and discover new things without leaving my family behind. With a 5-year-old, traveling and adventure is on hold for now.

I highly recommend checking out Urban Bozz's products. I'm planning to visit their store in Breda with my eldest son for a men's day out and hopefully find the perfect bag.

And, it'll be fun to revisit the city after so many years. I grew up in neighboring Tilburg, bought my first car in Breda (a black 1978 Alfetta GTV 2.0L), and even had my first date there. I think.

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-z, photographer
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