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The good, old forum's.

This review reminds me about how understated forum’s are nowadays. And how Toppings are pretty cool audio devices that offer a lot of features and functionality for a reasonable price.

But this article isn't about an audio device. It's about a community where you can hang out without any hassle, a place where you can chat and learn about HiFi and everything music-related. It's an old-school forum where you can mingle with people of all levels of knowledge, status, and financial abilities without getting sucked into arguments. The community's rules are simple – no snake oil, no provocation allowed, and trolls get kicked out. No one cares how much your setup costs or how fancy it is, and you don't need to share photos of your gear to impress.

What makes this community so special is that it feels like going back in time when forums were all the rage. It's a place where people swap ideas and information instead of just interacting through algorithms. You can come and go as you please without being demoted because you haven't interacted enough with “THE ALGORITHM.” You're not subjected to recommendation engines that are biased towards pushing certain products, services or views.

The community's founder, Amirm, is an electrical engineer who reviews devices with complicated equipment and charts. While not everyone may dig the charts, many people can get a ton of info from them. His review always ends with a “conclusion” chapter that summarizes the whole review, telling you in layman's terms what the charts were saying all along.

In addition to the community's founder, you can find people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, sharing their thoughts and ideas about music and HiFi. The community isn't just for audiophiles or people with a technical background. It's a welcoming place for anyone who's passionate about HiFi and music in general.

And it is super active, with new threads and posts popping up every day. There's always something interesting to read or participate in. It isn't just a place to consume information but a place to engage with people.

Give it a try:

Best thing about it? You don’t need to login to read the articles…


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-z, photographer
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