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If you hadn't noticed, The Psalms has shifted quite significantly of late in focus. Nearly all of my recent posts in the software category have been guides/showoff posts regarding some iOS/iPadOS configurables. I have spent a lot of time trying to externally aggregate and present these and many more within various other mediums, like my Raindrop collections, but I thought a single markdown document just might be the trick – especially as a more appropriate replacement for the Podcast page atop this blog's header.

This page is an active work in progress. Please do share you suggestions/requests on its GitHub Issue or through any other means you'd like.

Define: configurables

Automation on Apple Platfoms

Writing on iOS/iPadOS Automation


Blessed Web Utilities Raindrop Collection

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TextExpander Snippet Groups

TextExpander has proven invaluable even for a haphazard rube like myself. I've invested quite a bit of time into curating/developing my own snippet groups, and have shared a few.

Download an archive of actual .textexpander format files here.

  1. Extratext is my main snippet group, but it's awfully personalized.
  2. Tot is a snippet group for interacting with Iconfactory's handy little app via scripting.
  3. Telegram is a snippet group with utilities specifically to aid Telegram Group/Channel administration.


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Folderized Icons

macOS icons – from all over computing history – and my poor old machine's filesystem – turned into wee delights by the magic of Image2Icon.

Image2icon - Make your icons