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Handscrew Dimensions

A friend wanted the dimensions of handscrews of various sizes. I took measurements of the four I have, and photos to show what the dimensions measure.

The dimensions are the following measurements:

Handscrew with labels for dimensions

And the four handscrews are shown together:

Picture of four handscrews

Beginning in the top left, an unknown Chinese handscrew, all measurements in inches.

Tall: 1¾
Thick: 1⅝
Long: 10
Jaw: 5
Screw: 9½

Top Right, a large Miro Moose handscrew

Tall: 2¼
Thick: 2⅛
Long: 14
Jaw: 7
Screw: 14½

Lower Left, a medium Rockler handscrew

Tall: 1¾
Thick: 1½
Long: 8
Jaw: 4
Screw: 8

Lower right, my smallest Miro Moose

Tall: 1⅜
Thick: 1¼
Long: 6
Jaw: 3
Screw: 5½

The free jaw measurement is, in every case, half of the total jaw length. The height and width of the jaw are nearly equal, but the measurement I have labeled “Tall” is always slightly larger than the jaw width (or thickness). And the free length of the screw is typically about the same as the total length of the jaw.

The Miro Moose clamps are a brand of Dubuque Clamps, and are made in Iowa.

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