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This is a manually-built list of #woodworking posts I've made. Clicking on the tag will get you to all of them, while this will take you to table of contents for the various series of posts I've done.

A list of completed Projects, although there are also some over at Peekachello Art.

Handy Tools covers tools I've either bought or built which I use frequently during my woodworking.

The Jefferson Bookcases #buildBlog walks though the steps to build the bookcases I store my books in. The last post is a typical project write-up.

The Boring Tools Till #buildBlog walks through the steps of building probably my most complex cabinet to-date.

The Baby Bow Saw #buildBlog

Kolrosing Notes are a collection of notes I've made over the years on kolrosing (cutting small lines in a surface, and then filling them with a powdered pigment), chinkin-bori (scratching a lacquered surface with tools, and then filling the scratches with gold or other fine dust) and other similar surface-decoration techniques.

The Forge Table #buildBlog describes building a small table with turned legs and a metal-clad oak top which I will use to hold my small forge.

A collection of Techniques I have written up over the years. There will likely be more additions to this from the various build blogs, as I get better organized.

Wood Stabilizing #techniques