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Body and Soul

This is something I wrote after watching Body and Soul, choreographed by Crystal Pite (one of my favourite choreographers of all times) for the Paris Opera Ballet. A flow of words came to me, raw and underwhelming compared to this mind-blowing work.

Words Inspired by Dance series #1

Left. Right. Left. Right.
Head. Mouth. Chest.
Figures shaping conflicts.
Making a connection.
With. Between. Despite.
Finding strength in numbers.
Suddenly turning on each others.
Waves. Overpowering. Protest.

Lost in a field of lights like flowers.
Circled in a sea of peering eyes. Watching.
Me against you. You against us. Us against them.
Attempting communication.
Touching. Making it through. Failing.
Trying again. Always.
Blinding stars.
Overcoming the burden.
Being me in a sea of us.
Light opening the world. Seeing.
Me against myself catching me.
All the lights of us connecting. Supporting.
Against darkness. Pushing through.
Collective experience.

Left. Right. Left. Right.
Hand. Shoulder. Heart.
Solitude amongst the multitude.
From the moving shadows, darkness creeps in.
Humanity still beating. Surviving.
Until the last note.

From the confines of the Earth. Life.
Creatures from within. Origins.
Shapes of nightmares.
Reimagining Creation. Beyond darkness.
From the depth of the universe.
Souls murmuring. Showing the path.
To scarring ends and new beginnings.
Fire. Incandescence.
Different. Same. Choice.

Dancers. Humans. Body. Soul.

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