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Daily Haiku prompt Feb 20-29, 2024

Haiku series #4
I write one haiku per day from prompts.
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Feb 20, 2024 – Spring lantern
Lighting the way to
A fresh new year, the lantern
slowly rides the wind

Feb 21, 2024 – warmth
Gradient of sky grey
Moody day. Ray of sunlight
To warm my cold heart

Feb 22, 2024 – thaw
The thaw uncovering
New pathways to frosted hearts
As comes a new spring

Feb 23, 2024 – sea birds
Albatross soaring
Gliding wind and waves. Their wings
Embracing the globe

Feb 24, 2024 – February
Four Elapsed. Bounding.
Rather Unique and Against
Repeating Yearly

Feb 25, 2024 – fresh water
the gift of life flows
within, ignorant fools why
are they wasting it

Feb 26, 2024 – buds
Hey bud! (the beauty
of a new friendship blooming)
I'm rooting for you!

Feb 27, 2024 – yellow
Yellow everywhere.
As far as eye can see. Cry.
Our mother is parched.

Feb 28, 2024 – mud
Drag us through the mud
All you want. We will rise up.
And down you will foul.

Feb 29, 2024 – Robin
From crack of dawn till
Night has set, first and last song
To bright up our days

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