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Daily Haiku prompt Mar 1-10, 2024

Haiku series #5
I write one haiku per day from prompts.
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Mar 1, 2024 – breeze
Ancestors' voices
Whispering through the branches
Soft blow of the wind

Mar 2, 2024 – first blossom
First love blossoming
Bringing butterflies. Sparkles
In your smile. A sigh...

Mar 3, 2024 – melting
all around melting
hurtling to the cliff will we
stop before the fall

Mar 4, 2024 – till
2 for the price of one that day

The cash register
as tool of alienation.
Ting! Give me your life.
Melting glaciers leave
their remnants, year after year
layering new soil

Mar 5, 2024 – warbler
Announcing winter
Flashes of colours fly. South
Back to mother land

Mar 6, 2024 – barley
Fertile Crescent gold
Thousands of years old. Feed us
Once we've passed your awns

Mar 7, 2024 – willow
Falling branches like
Crying souls, through deep waters
Reaching for the light

Mar 8, 2024 – spring tide
Beauty in power
When forces gather, Rising
Sorrow washed away

Mar 9, 2024 – moon
Celest harmony
Between moon and sun. Yin Yang
In a soft embrace

Mar 10, 2024 – soil
In soil's horizon
Lies humanity's story
Lives layered beneath

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