A very web 1.0 blog/website thing

Life comes at you fast

I have a blog again, as you can see. It's not my first one, so my initial impulse was to see if any of my old posts would be worth moving over.

I found exactly one! All other posts are now essentially irrelevant, useless or both. And, ok, expected I guess, but it's noticeable how blogging was the thing ten years ago.

Blogs were how people did social networking. It's what we did instead of tweeting and doomscrolling nonstop. Small posts were acceptable and even common (that's how Tumblr came about after all).

It was a different time – a slightly slower time too. It paid to take your time and get ideas out in a more formatted way.

Truth is, I miss it and I'm doing it again. Let's see if this is still a thing in 2022 after the Eloncalypse (Muskalypse? I don't know, I'm just typing words here).

#blogging #oldschool