A very web 1.0 blog/website thing

No brand?

I spent literally years to get a new blog/site/whatever online because I was constantly overthinking what my brand should be. I'm a BA in communications after all. I've learned about marketing, creating products, selling ideas. Positioning. Best fit. Reach! Number go up!

But when I went to university I was already into tech, so my background is not super straightforward. Yes, I work with software development and consider myself an oldschool computer nerd. I learned programming when I was 7 years old on one of these:

NE-Z8000, a Brazilian Sinclair ZX-81 clone
NE-Z8000, a Brazilian Sinclair ZX-81 clone – Photo by Mceiras, CC BY-SA 3.0

But I also produced music professionally for a while, so my website should reflect that too.

Me as NO STEP playing at the Mod Club in Toronto
Me as NO STEP playing at the Mod Club in Toronto

“Does that dilute the brand?”

And, of course, I don't want to write only about programming, music production and audio – I have multiple interests and I like to talk about them.

“Will it make the content unfocused?”

I mean, can I talk about how capitalism is a broken system? How it's actually a reflection of the patriarchy and how it's almost entirely driven by toxic masculinity?

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

“Will this find an audience?”

So I finally decided to stop worrying about having a brand and press post.

It wasn't easy. It took years and two therapists because I'm a perfectionist – and that's not a good thing most of the time. I had to worry less about how everything I do reflects on my brand and “what does that do for my reputation?”

So perfection be damned! This is not life and death, I'm not making a living out of writing blog posts – I'm doing this for myself. The internet is huge and if someone finds this useful, all the better.