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Why the hell would I want a mechanical keyboard?

You don't need one, period. If you want one, it's time to admit you have a thing for touch, textures and sound. You probably enjoy ASMR and watching videos with the words “oddly satifying” in their titles.

You're one of those people, make peace with it.

Yes, it does have to do with durability, repairability and customization, but most people are fine with laptop keyboards. Anyone can get a board with some keys that can type stuff for 10 bucks or less at a pinch – or dumpster dive and get 2 or 10 for free.

Not you. You want that thocc sound. You want a decoractive keycap that looks like Kirby, or maybe a keyboard that looks like the ones in Severance.

One of my keyboards - it kinda looks like the ones in Severance!
One of my keyboards – it kinda looks like the ones in Severance!

It's luxury, it's hedonism, it's an indulgence when your day-to-day life involves a lot of typing. It's like buying a great chef's knife when you like to cook. You definitely can get by with the cheap stuff but you'd rather not.

So yeah, I'm definitely enjoying these MT3 Dasher keycaps and Gateron Oil King switches. I don't care if you care – I do and it feels really nice. I'd be happy writing TPS reports on these keys and that's what matters.

How do I get started on this pointless hobby?

You watch Youtube videos. Be warned this is a deep rabbit hole. You'll learn about plates, PCB's, linear vs. tactile vs. clicky switches, hotswap, RGB, QMK/Via and a surprising amount of lube.

You'll learn that many people are really into doing repetitive time-consuming tasks, like:

It's super fun!

Are you happy with yourself?

Very! 🥰

Software development is hard and often frustrating, so anything that makes your workday a bit better is definitely worth it. If you're lucky enough to have gotten a home-office stipend from your job, there are definitely worse things to spend it on.

At least if you'e one of those people. 😉

Slightly edited version of this cohost post.

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