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Distributed Proofreaders, and LITUK

A short one this evening, as I'm poorly.

I've been on the Project Gutenberg mailing list for a long time, but somehow missed any reference to the Distributed Proofreaders website until now; looking forward to getting stuck in there, when I'm feeling better and have a bit more time on my hands.

That is not the case at the moment, however: I have my Splunk Architect exam next week. Plus, I did a quick calculation a few minutes ago, and it looks like I'll need to keep an eight pages per day pace if I'm to finish the Life in the UK material ahead of my test, as presently scheduled.

But not this evening; an early night is definitely in order, once I've cleaned up the kitchen. Have a good weekend, all — I gather it'll be a special one in North America. ;–) Stay safe!

End of Day 52

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