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Is Python as esoteric as it seems?

First, the new colours: Awful? Nice? Strange? If I'm risking the little traffic I'm getting now with this, I'd appreciate a quick heads-up/@mention. ;–) I was playing around with Khroma late last night, and I'm still sleepy now, so I'm willing to accept that my judgment may be flawed. [Edit: I'm going back to the drawing board.]

My zettelkasten project is off the ground: I've been using Obsidian for a few days now. Just for note-taking — modelled roughly on the workflow outlined in Effective Remote Work's video on the topic — because working with new software while also learning the nuances of a more involved workflow seemed audacious at this stage. If there's one thing I've learned from blogging over the years, it's just bash it out: get something down, and keep that ball rolling; you can edit — heavily, if necessary — later.

One stumbling block to that process has already surfaced: I thought I'd blogged about all this, because the interface and thought process I use for both are, well, identical. But, no, a few keyword searches later revealed nothing on the blog; this is another process I'll need to refine as my slip-box grows.

That rclone process I talked about yesterday is still running, by the way; some 32 hours later. This is both surprising and fine: I'm really hoping that most recovery scenarios will involve using local snapshots; this is yet one more nightmarish aspect of the nightmare scenario of a house-fire or something, I guess.

I've talked about how I'm thinking about learning Python. I'm questioning the wisdom of that lately: every time I try to play with some code, or even get someone else's up and running, I end up on Stack Overflow nine or ten times an hour. My thought process, in no particular order, goes:

On and on. Worse still, nothing sticks because I'm not working with this stuff enough. And, yes, I'm exaggerating a bit to make a point. Maybe it comes down to what you learned on. When I'm compiling C code, I'm looking to the developer to point out dependencies; I'm happy pulling down libraries based on their documentation, or on subsequent build errors, even linking libraries symbolically as required. That may make as little sense to someone else as the various building blocks of any Python environment do to me, I suppose.

End of Day 38

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