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I do apologise for missing yesterday. It wasn't that I was burning the midnight oil or some such. I just needed an earlier night, and my daughter wasn't happy sleeping in the warm temperatures we're experiencing in the UK right now. (Tonight is going better, fingers crossed.) She did go off eventually, bless her, after using up my blogging window.

This post will be a bit of a smorgasbord. (I won't litter it with horizontal rules, though.) I found the XXIIVV webring a few days ago, and I've been having fun exploring.

Fascinating designs:
XXIIVV personal wiki

I've even put in for membership, although it seems like they've got a few pull requests piling up.

Regardless, it led me to some great sites: I found out about Aether through Romain's list of privacy-friendly products. I found a basic org-mode tutorial through Konstantine's link summary for February of this year. I also found a really heartfelt post about grief, which led me to another that I really identified with; I've blogged about it before: losing friends, and reliving the decisions leading up to that.

It's probably because I'm so focussed on it lately, but I've found at least three digital gardens/personal wikis recently; seemingly by chance. Maybe I should be publishing the work I'm doing in Obsidian; it would certainly alleviate the problem of forgetting what I've blogged about versus what I've just noted. I posted a few entries from zettelkasten in Aether yesterday, as part of a comment. Further thought required, I think. If nothing else, I'd be a bit embarrassed by my threadbare process at the moment; really need to go through some of these tutorials, before the inevitable clean-up becomes a task of epic proportions.

End of Day 45

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