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The Salisbury Poisonings, and revision

Note: no spoilers follow.

Lots more revision for my Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam today. I postponed it again as well, to a week's time. I'm just not getting through the material quickly enough. The deployment plan, and the process around it, is weighted as 2% of the questions, yet I spent half a day on that easily. When most of the sections are weighted as 5% of the exam, there aren't any corners to cut, as far as I'm concerned; add to that that I'll have to do all this stuff on the job anyway — assuming furlough doesn't end with being laid off, of course — and I'd just be stealing from Peter to pay Paul, as no one says these days.

My revision document is up to 14 pages now. I think it's more legible than my Admin one, which was 23 pages by the end, its skeleton completely collapsed: I could either read it cover-to-cover, or search it; as a reference, it was, and is, useless. Everything's Google at work, but I've been making liberal use of bookmarks and shorthand references to the course docs in my Architect one, all against a straw man of the exam blueprint. It still makes sense, for the moment, although the miscellaneous blob at the end has been growing.

With each day that passes, I grok more of the utility in a zettelkasten, even as the pressure of my deadline increases, precluding trialling it, let alone running it as my main knowledge base.

In a rare burst, we binged The Salisbury Poisonings over two nights. Absolutely fantastic television. Say what you want about the BBC: I'll look to this, and Fleabag, and be very pleased.

Writing like this puts it on my must-watch list. To get the performances we saw — sometimes in such a small amount of screen time — as well is so rare. A gem. Of horrifying, utterly sad material. The directing was inspired at times too: particularly some of the point of view shots, I thought.

Everything else will suffer for having followed this, that's for sure.

End of Day 44

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