Mom stuff


i am broken in two
so sad for this world and each step you go through.
my heart sits in the pit of my stomach, churning
restricted oxygenation, threatening tears

they don't deserve souls like yours
they can't begin to understand
mistakes you'll make,
but minds like yours stand tall, take it in,
learn, experience to expand.

i know our journey has barely begun
yet i fear i don't have the grit needed to help us navigate,
i'm tired and defeated by my own experiences
unchecked egos, in pain, incinerating everything in their wake,

i've been training all my life for depth and meaning,
cultivating skills found deeply embedded in the tectonic planes,
but i fall short, i miscalculated,
such unpredictably shallow terrain.

i lack the competence of how to pilot the surface
to hold your hand through this forsaken climb.
i am so so sorry for failing you,
i have no clue what to do, but i promise i won't stop,
not ever,
growth in endless refine.


#poetry #tween #thisagesucks