Mom stuff


Liar Liar,
Autonomy set fire
to the relationship I’ve tried to cultivate with you.
Pain in my soul,
Where did you go?

My magical little girl,
innocent, pure-hearted, and sweet
Too quickly, qualities replaced by manipulation, lies, and deceit.

Who are you?

Do you even know?
Don't you see, up ahead,
the impending undertow?

Please, I'm begging you
Weigh your options before you go.

Starts with one poor choice,
leading to another,
There are so many better ways to find yourself,

This isn't you,
or could it be?
Never have been more uncertain
watching your unrelenting extraversion
pushing, going, never stopping
desires and values, tight-rope walking

Child, Child,
The reason for hope
The air that I breathe.

Where have you been hiding?
fickle natured, presiding.
Once known for the kindest and purest of hearts,
ancient, sovereign goddess, trapped, so much wisdom to impart.

#tweens #eldest

Today, you are three,
So much life in such little time
growth no longer feels cyclical,
preserved innocence, benign.
As the third of the bunch movement is constantly unfolding,
Feeling sorrow for the missed carpet playtime, stories, and playdough molding.
It’s so fast and yet unbearably slow.
Painful duality of motherhood:
Grow, but don’t go.
Need me, but not so much
please be somewhat independent
the only experience so grounding while being transcendent.

#motherhood #mothergood #thisisthree #unspokenstruggles