Libraries and democracy. Both good ideas.


Me, standing on a chair, talking to a room full of people

Hi. I am Marnie Webb. I work as Chief Community Impact Officer for TechSoup and CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup.

I am not good at this introducing thing. So here are three things that I believe are true about me.

I am curious. Which shows up in the fact that I have a list of hobbies so long you could use the word dilettante if you would like.

I love my family and I spend time thinking about them. And cooking for them. And making playlists. And redoing the smart gadgets in our home so that they can’t figure out how to turn on the lights. Parenting is a much better idea than I would have guessed.

I am a grind. I am willing to help lift the heavy thing, mow the yard, send out a 1,000 emails one by one. Because somehow, in that, I think I have the chance to realize something.

I’m not sure why I’m starting a blog for the upteenth time. But I am. I think it’s because I like to think aloud and this causes less pain to those around me.

What else? I travel(ed) a good deal. Almost all of it for work. That work is in civil society, community organizing, and technology. Which means I go to places I would never be able to go as a tourist and I get to pay attention to the people and, well, setting deeply and over time.

Traveling, especially for work, involves vast amounts of waiting. I spend that time in my mind. I make up episodes for my imaginary YouTube channel “Taking Things Literally.” I have three novels going but all in my head. I write letters. Some of them I end up really writing and sending. I plan out all the things I would make in a hotel. I start with a shower that can successfully hold the water inside.

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