Small Thoughts for a Quiet World.

ADHD? Me? Yep.

I was diagnosed with ADHD recently. It’s not really a surprise; I asked the doctor if it was a possibility because I’ve been seeing the symptoms in myself for a while. So my doctor gave me a questionnaire; of the twenty questions I answered “yes” to sixteen of the questions and “often” to two more. seems very likely that I am and always have been—or had, not sure about the terminology—ADHD.

And...I’m not sure how I feel about this diagnosis. I’m either relieved that I’m not just lazy and scatterbrained, or angry that I didn’t find a way to get help a lot earlier. I think about how much easier my MBA would have been if I had had any help either with meds or practices to train and understand my mind.

So I’m going to start on an “optional” medication for ADHD, to take when I feel like I need to pay attention, up to once a day, but it’s not a “you have to take this every day” thing.

Still not sure how I feel about this. I'm 45, have a Master's degree and a stable, responsible job. I was never a straight-A student but I was always an “upper 20%” student. I’ve made it this far without help, do I need anything? On the other hand, why say no to something that could make my life better?

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