Small Thoughts for a Quiet World.

I Choose Optimism

This I do as an act of volition. We build our worlds around us through our perceptions. I choose to actively seek out good things in this world. I choose to actively create good in this world. I choose to resist cynicism, to foster understanding, and to believe every person I meet is good until they incontrovertibly prove otherwise.

This doesn't mean I choose to be ignorant of the problems in the world. But I choose to believe that my actions and the actions of others can and will eventually solve those problems.

I choose to see each person I meet as the protagonist of their own story, and to seek to understand them before making any form of judgement. I choose to treat each person with whom I come in contact as my equal.

I reject any and all labels; I will not label anyone else nor will I conform to any label that I or others may try to apply to me. Each individual is unique and infinitely complex. I choose to honor their uniqueness. I choose to find the glory in our shared complexity.

I choose this not because it is natural or easy; indeed in some ways this goes against my nature. Being optimistic in the face of everything going on right now isn't going to be easy. But I honestly can't see any other way to survive.