Small Thoughts for a Quiet World.


The 1970's were a very odd time for movies. The price of creating a movie had come down enough that independent film makers were able to get into the craft. Combine that with the strong sci-fi and dystopian themes that were in vogue at the time, and we get some really odd movies from this really odd time. Movies like Logan's Run and Death Race 2000. One of those weird, 1970's sci-fi movies I've always heard about, but never seen, is Zardoz. I've seen stills from it, I knew it featured Sean Connery in a red loincloth and weird sideburns, I figured I had a pretty good gauge on what it was all about.

I was wrong. Zardoz is beyond weird. Zardoz is Logan's Run multiplied by Death Race 2000 and raised to the power of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

I don't want to ruin it for you, but here's the hook, the thing that drew me in. The opening scene of the movie is a weird floating head in a blue towel telling the audience that the movie you're about to watch might happen in a few hundred years. Then we cut to a giant floating head that yells some commandments at a bunch of dudes in red loincloths. Then it barfs guns and bullets on them. But the movie is only getting started. Sean Connery occupies the next twenty or so minutes of screentime and has maybe three lines that entire time. The movie seems to be entirely comfortable with the fact that it's not making any sense whatsoever.

To be fair, the movie does have “something to say”, and it's one of those cultural lessons that has come back around to relevance in our modern day and age, but for the most part it's pure insanity.

My recommendation, should you choose to watch Zardoz is to do so in the middle of the night when you should clearly be sleeping, this is a bad choice that only benefits from being made alongside another bad choice.

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