My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

Bamboo Day

A small, rusty old trailer has ten large stalks of bamboo on it, with the branches still on. A fluffy brown Chihuahua pug stands next to the trailer.

Went down to the neighbor's to take him up on the offer of bamboo harvesting. I need some for a drying rack in the tiny house, a roof for the outhouse, and a mast and boom for a small sailboat.

Got all the branches off and put the poles up to season. Probably gonna run the foliage through the chipper for mulch.

Side view of the trailer full of bamboo next to an algae-stained white pickup truck. A fluffy brown Chihuahua pug is sniffing the trailer's tire.

A hand holding pruning shears clips a branch off the bamboo.

A pile of bamboo branches tumbling about a woodpile next to a screen tent.

Stripped stalks of bamboo laid across a rack where salvaged wood is stored.

July 10, 2023