My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

What Is Deer Camp? And Is This One?

Deer camp is a well known phenomenon in the Deep South and parts of the West. So I tend to forget that's not universal.

Deer hunting is obviously done in remote places. Because that's where the forests are. People don't generally go home between sessions of hunting. So they camp.

Groups of people frequently set up permanent or semi-permanent camps in or near places where hunting happens every year. They might bring commercially built campers. They might build shacks. They might convert school buses.

People might bring generators. They definitely bring coolers. Usually there are no utilities available.

Generally, deer camps are only used in the fall and winter.

What I am calling deer camp here is actually my dad's backyard. My grandmother once sold my father 1 acre of pasture land. It is surrounded by other pastures and fields. It does have water and electric. Besides whatever deer my uncle lures into his adjoining pasture, there really isn't any hunting right here on this spot.

However, people sometimes camp here while visiting the area to hunt nearby forests. Technically that makes this deer camp.