My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

construction friday

An orange piece of plywood with a circle cut out has four pieces of wood lying on it in the shape of a frame around the edges; written in marker on the plywood, "INSIDE".

Friday the weather held and my fatigue wasn't too great, so I got to build the panel to replace that window.

A flat piece of cement board with a circle cut into it with pieces of wood around it in the shape of a frame, all of these on top of a pair of paint spattered plastic sawhorses.

I misunderstood the clearance and material requirements, so the panel is needlessly full of cement board. But maybe that will serve as a thermal mass and do some good.

Wet paint on the surface and edges of a thick panel with a circle cut out, set on two paint spattered plastic sawhorses.

During the building of the tiny house, I acquired the habit of painting all the wood that gets exposed to the outdoors. No exception here. Although my old paint was ruined. Fortunately, there was a small can of exterior latex in almst the same shade of red on the “oops” shelf at the hardware store.

Exterior of an orange sided house with red trim and a grubby white roof; there are three windows; the center window is the focus.

Exterior of an orange sided house with red trim and a grubby white roof; a window frame now holds a wooden panel, painted red, instead of a window; toward the upper end of the panel is a shiny metal O shape with darkness in the center.

Interior orange window frame set in a wall of white beadboard paneling; in the frame, a plywood panel fastened into the frame with four clunky brackets; a black O shape set in the panel with daylight showing through.