My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

equine home theater

View through a screen tent and a barbed wire fence at a pasture with horses in the distance; one horse is lying down and one is standing up.

One relaxing activity is to sit in the screen tent enjoying the breeze and watching the horses in the pasture. Several horses eat in various locations of the pasture throughout the day. Most of the time they are accompanied by cattle egrets. It's fun to watch the egrets flap about and stand on the horses and follow them around. Sometimes the egrets come over to the pond to get something to eat over here too.

And there are two very young horses who haven't learned how to play with each other yet. But it's fun to watch them play separately.

Zoomed in view through a screen tent and a barbed wire fence of a horse pasture with two horses, one cream colored and one white, standing up.