My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

not salvageable

A homemade OSB cabinet painted bright red in disastrous rotted condition.

This thing was never meant to live outside, and it shows.

This cabinet has lived a few lives. It was originally built to house a small chemical toilet and a kitty litter box. Once I switched luggable loo and the cat died, it went on to become a general purpose cabinet, standing on its side to take up less space.

When I put the tiny house at its current location, the was no place for it, so it went outside. When the luggage loo went outside, it was just the right size and shape to contain a package of wood flakes for it.

I kept meaning to repaint it but now it's too late. The “bottom” (the right side in this picture) has rotted entirely. I thought I could salvage the other sides, but just now I was flipping it over and they came apart too.

So all I'm going to be able to salvage are the screws and hinges.