My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

now charging

A Bluetti EB3A power statioin next to a Dell laptop, connected by a USB-C cable.

I was upset when my workplace replaced my laptop because the new one would not charge from any of my three power stations via USB-C. I do not like converting electricity from DC to AC just to transfer it and then render it DC once more. Lossy!

Then, one time I plugged in my newer personal laptop, which had the same problem, to a phone charger. It actually told me the problem in its error message. It needs at least 27 watts. Phone chargers are like 5 watts. I guess my older power stations also don't go so high.

The new Bluettis, it turns out, can charge up to 100 watts on USB-C. Much better! It says the draw is 12 watts right now rather than 27, but I'm pleased not to lose precious converted sunlight going to AC and back.